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Who we are

Our mission

Welcome to the beating heart of our online art gallery, where the passion for painting intertwines with craftsmanship to give life to unique and unrepeatable masterpieces. We are a team of art lovers who have decided to transform a passion into a profession, creating a virtual bridge between art enthusiasts and original creations that release emotions with every brushstroke.
The works we offer are the result of the authentic skill of the artists who work with us. Each canvas we offer is hand painted with dedication and attention to detail, using traditional techniques that are handed down from generation to generation. We are proud to be able to say that every single painting is a unique piece, not simply because each work is the result of the creative impetus of its author, but also because the craftsmanship gives each painting its own specific identity.
The use of high-quality oil or acrylic colors ensures that the shades remain vivid and deep over time, giving the environments in which they are placed a touch of ageless charm. Our range of subjects is wide and diverse: wonderful cities, famous places, bucolic landscapes, expressive portraits, emotional abstracts. Each piece is designed to stimulate the sight and the soul, to furnish and beautify, to transform a bare wall into an open window onto the imagination and beauty.
The art we select is not just an object to admire, but a life companion, a silent dialogue between the emotional essence of the artist and that of those who observe him. Our commitment does not stop at the simple sale of a painting, we work to ensure that each customer can find the work that resonates with their sensitivity, that is able to tell a story, its story, through the brushstrokes and colors chosen by the artist.
We invite all art lovers, collectors and the simply curious to explore our collections and be inspired by the beauty and authenticity of our hand-painted paintings. We are here to help you discover that piece of art that will touch your heart and beautify your life.
We at Eart Italy believe in art as an expression of the soul and for this reason we guarantee authentic and original works, far from mass production, close to the essence of those who created them and those who will choose them.
Come and discover the world we have painted for you; a world of colours, dreams and passions translated into art. We are here to guide you on this visual journey; a journey full of emotions and discoveries that begins at this precise moment.

Color is an expression of joy

Passion for art

We have been living and breathing art for over 20 years, collaborating with artists from different countries and proposing subjects that are always in step with the times and current trends.
Before the advent of online sales we offered our paintings at trade fairs and in various art galleries.

Choose your handmade painting from your sofa

Online sales

Keeping up with the times is essential in every aspect of life.
For this reason, in recent years E-Art has dedicated itself more and more to the online sale of hand-painted paintings, trying to renew its art offering. We create paintings created strictly by hand, modern paintings that match the homes of young families, classic paintings or paintings that portray the magnificent panoramas of our beautiful Italy .

Craftsmanship is our watchword


Our entire production process is made entirely by hand.
Our subjects are created by a selected group of artists who have collaborated with us for years and who allow us to propose many different pictorial styles.
To give our customers the opportunity to receive a handmade painting ready to hang, we also make the frame, frame and packaging by hand.
In this way we leave nothing to chance or in the hands of external suppliers, we take on the responsibility of doing everything ourselves in order to provide the highest possible quality.